Wisdom of Humility


Humility brings us into HIS love. When we stand and lift our arms in victory over other people we are moving away from HIM. The world will tell you that you must get them (others) before they (others) get you. This kind of wisdom leads to either spiritual death or physical death. One of your missions in life should be to glorify HIM. HE is best glorified when we are humble before HIM and others.

Humility is a difficult trait for some people to acquire. Their upbringing and life experiences make them full of themselves or they are weak and try to cover the weakness with a coating of pride. Pride cuts us off from others and cuts us off from HIM. HE will work in your life when you are able to come before HIM in simple and humble spirit.

Humility is not only a requirement to stand before HIM and share in HIS blessings, humility is also a requirement for success in life. According to worldly wisdom, the more power you have over others the more successful you can be. However, history teaches us different lessons. History teaches us that the great men of power all crash into a wall at some point. Some of these men of history died before their so-called achievements crumbled but the pride and ego used to build an earthly kingdom leads to ruination. When we possess humility we can truly help others and be helped by them if we need it.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax

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