Winter Skin Care Regimen


With fall already having set in winter is but close. Winter naturally means dry skin which needs to be moisturized properly or dryness may show up on your skin and damage it.

The winter skin care regimen is significantly different from the summer skin regimen. Let’s take a brief look into what you can do to give your skin the care it deserves in the winter season.

 Choose a Moisturizer According to your Skin Type

Do not apply a moisturizer just because you have seen its advertisement and it looks good. Not paying attention to the moisturizer you need to apply considering your skin type will only result in your skin not getting the care it requires.

If you have dry skin, consider applying a moisturizer which is oil based. People with oily and acne prone skin should stay away from oily and greasy moisturizers or their skin may break out. People with oily skin would be better off with water based moisturizer. Similarly, people with normal skin should choose a moisturizer which is neither too greasy nor entirely water based but rather a mild combination of both.

Choose Mild Cleanser for the Winter Season

Avoid the common mistake of not using cleansers in the winter season. Though the role of cleanser in the winter season is not as significant as it is in the summer season yet you still need to cleanse your skin. Go for a mild cleanser in the winter season and immediately follow with moisturizer.

Exfoliate Once A Week

You don’t need to exfoliate your skin as regularly as you do in the summer season when dirt, oil and germs combined with sweat make it necessary for you to exfoliate your skin at regular intervals. However, do exfoliate your skin once a week a little more gently than you do in summers to unclog your pores.

This is a brief look into the skin care regimen that you should follow in the upcoming winter season to keep your skin healthy and glowing.


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