Where We Look


How we view things in life depends not upon keeping our eyes open but upon where we look. We can look at the cup we hold and see the cup as either half full or half empty. We can count the curses of our emptiness or we can count the blessings of our fullness. We have HIM the infinite , pouring infinite love, infinite grace, infinite peace, infinite joy, and infinite grace into the cup of our life…and our cup runs over. When we count HIS spiritual blessings, our cup overflows with joy.

The cup of our life cannot hold all HE has for us today nor can it hold all the treasures HE has for us tomorrow. In the middle of our weeping, HIS spirit draws close to us and pours out HIS comfort. In the middle of our darkest hours, HE draws close to us and gives us HIS Light. In the middle of our depressing days, HE brings jokes, laughter, and goofiness.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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