Ways to Reduce Energy Bill by Boosting Natural Light in your Home


Energy bill is such a drain on our resources. Let’s face it no one likes giving away his/her income in energy bills. However, there are a number of ways that can help you reduce your energy bills boosting the natural light that enters your home being one of them.

Let’s take a look into the top ways to boost natural light in your home as an effective means to reduce your energy bill.

1)   Unblock Windows

Are your windows being blocked by window treatment, dirt or even furniture? Then consider unblocking these to let in natural light. The dirt that accumulates in the windows and window frame can hinder natural light from entering your home.

Similarly, opt for window treatment in lighter and brighter shades so these may not hinder light from entering your home. Pull the curtains back and the shades up during the day to allow light to enter your home.  Remove furniture away from windows and other entrances that allow light to enter your home.

2)   Place Mirrors to Reflect Light

Place mirrors on the walls that are opposite to the windows so they may reflect light and may even act as windows.

3)   Use Glass Furniture and Doors

Glass furniture and doors can help reflect light and thus light away your home in an all natural manner. Therefore, when looking forward to reduce your energy consumption opt for glass furniture and doors.

4)   Color your Ceiling in White and your Walls in Light Colors

Let the ceiling be white and the walls a light color so they may reflect more light in your home.

5)   Let the Floor be of Light Color

Let your floors be of lighter colors so these too may reflect light and make your home appear brighter.



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