Value Addition in the Agriculture Sector Pakistan-The Need of Times


Having being blessed with a natural resource(fertile land) is one thing and taking steps towards availing it to its full potential it seems is completely another.

Though Pakistan is an agrarian economy yet it seems it has failed to avail the opportunity of value addition in this sector.

So what does value addition stands for in the perspective of agriculture sector? In the agriculture context it stands for increasing the economic value of an agricultural commodity along with increasing its consumer appeal.

The Ingredients of Value Addition

Value addition is termed as alternative production along with marketing strategies which requires a detailed knowledge and understanding of the rapidly evolving food industry health and safety issues. Besides it also requires staying abreast of the rapidly changing consumer preferences.

However, a misconception which surrounds value addition in the agricultural perspective is that it solely stands for the processing of agricultural raw material into canned food which is certainly not the case. There are several ways of adding value to agricultural commodity.

However, the potential and opportunity that value addition offers to a country like Pakistan is simply outstanding for a number of reasons. First, we have a variety of crops that grow here in Pakistan and secondly we are also blessed with a large market size.

Marketing Aspect of the Agriculture Value Addition

In the marketing aspect of the agriculture value addition farmers, the very producers of the crops, are closely linked to the needs of the customers. This is attained by means of fostering collaboration between producers i.e. farmers with suppliers and processors to finally arrive at the goods which is needed and demanded by the consumer.

This collaboration guarantees success for all players involved in the value addition process, consumers and economy. A distinctive aspect of this is that even the small scale producers and consumers who cannot afford high priced value added products can benefit from this.

Benefits of Agriculture Value Addition to the Economy

Value addition can produce a number of benefits to the economy

  • It creates employment opportunities in the economy
  • Improves Quality
  • Improves Exports
  • Decreases Imports
  • Improves the socio-economic status of the people

Agriculture value addition is thus the sector that Pakistan needs to pay attention to if it is to boost its employment, imports, render good quality food within the range of common man and improve the socio-economic status of its farmers and all those in the value addition chain.


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