Understanding Love


Of all the mysteries of the world confounding us and confusing us, love is one of the greatest mysteries of all. We know and we affirm HE is love yet there are mysteries about HIM we cannot understand. We can know and understand HE is with us even when we cannot see HIM.

When we cannot hear HIS voice in our ears, we can hear HIS resonating peace in our heart. When we cannot touch HIM, HE will touch us…and we will know the joy of HIS presence. When we cannot figure things out, if we are patient, kind, and caring, HE will help us find the way. When we are impatient and demanding, if we would just come to HIM, HE will give us tranquility and peace. When we run out of strength and we are caught in our weaknesses, in HIM we find encouragement, strength, and a vision of who we can become in HIM.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

HIS Blessings – a blog by HIS Humble Servant at https://nadeemzaigham.home.blog


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