Truth Within


Just as HE is within you, so is the truth. It is amazing how we all know the truth. We may not want to admit we know the truth. We may go to extreme lengths not to face the truth.

However, no matter how we go out of our way to deny the truth or tell ourselves lies to avoid the truth, the truth is still within us. One of HIS truths is this…HE built into each of us a conscience. HE built into each of us a truth monitor that sends signals into our brain and into our heart. The truth monitor sets off alarms when we do not tell the truth or face the truth. We may get very good at ignoring the alarms set off by our conscience.

However, the alarms set off by our conscience are still working no matter how much we want to ignore the alarms. What is most important is the fact we all know the truth if we are willing to admit the truth. Many times in life we need incredible courage to face and tell ourselves the truth. We get so used to telling ourselves lies we get used to living in the lie. However, when we tell ourselves lies, we begin to put ourselves into a position of slavery from which there is no escape except telling ourselves the truth that is already within us and already known to us.

The ugliness of a lie is the slavery a lie brings upon us. The beauty of the truth is the freedom truth brings.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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