Top Ways to Make Cooking Quick and Easier


Cooking is undoubtedly a daunting and time consuming task. Today, when people are juggling with so many things and stay occupied cooking seems all the more difficult. However, it does not have to be that way.

Below we will take a quick look into the top ways to make cooking quick and easier for you.


1)   Stock your Freezer and Pantry

Make sure that you have adequate vegetables, meat, beans, legumes, fruits, rice, flour, pasta etc in your pantry and your freezer which is at least good to go for a week or two. The non-perishable items like beans, legumes, herbs etc can be bought in further larger quantities to minimize your grocery trips.

Though it is advisable that you store meat in a quantity that is good to be used within a week or two you should avoid overstocking of it or it may lead to infections. Moreover, make sure that your fridge and deep freezer are in good working condition.

2)   Make use of Innovations and Technology

Do you detest cutting and chopping? With a variety of innovations and technology advancements available in the market for peeling, cutting, chopping and blending cooking does not have to be a time consuming process any longer.

3)   Batch Cook

If you think that you do not have the kind of time and energy to cook everyday then why not consider cooking in batches? Perhaps you can cook meals on a certain day and refrigerate them properly to be consumed later.

4)   Keep Ingredients Ready

If you are not the one who can enjoy a meal twice then consider keeping ingredients ready in your fridge so you may only be required to cook them and not prepare anything. You may consider having a few vegetables chopped and making sections of the meat so you may be ready to go.

5)   Consider Eating Oven Cooked Foods

If you do not have enough time at hands and are feeling a little tired to cook on the stove then consider oven cooked foods. Today, it is not only ovens as even microwaves are also being used to cook food in a convenient manner.


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