Top Ways to Boost your Smart Phone Battery Time and Life


Do you also go through what most of us go though on a daily basis? Having to deal with an ever diminishing battery life! Many of us get frustrated as we never know when our smart phone battery will die depriving us of contact with the rest of the world.

If you also feel the same way then below we will take a look into the top ways to boost your smart phone battery time and life.

1)   Turn off Automatic Brightness and Turn Down Screen Brightness

You will be surprised to know the amount of energy screen brightness drains. The first thing to do is to turn off the automatic brightness and turn down the screen brightness to a minimum.

2)   Stay Away from Live Wall Papers

Live wallpapers are another significant source of battery drainage. Therefore, as far as possible stay away from live and animated wall papers.

3)   Turn off Blue Tooth, GPS and Wi-Fi When Not Using It

Turn off blue tooth, GPS and Wi-Fi when not using these. Blue Tooth, GPS and Wi-Fi both are a heavy drain on your battery time and life. Therefore, turn these off when you are not in need of these.

4)   Update your Apps

Apps are updated to minimize their power usage. Therefore, make sure your apps stay updated so these may be optimally power efficient.

5)   Signal Strength

Poor signal strength is another significant battery drainer. Your cell uses a huge amount of battery to receive adequate to strong signals which in turn diminishes the battery life. Therefore, once you notice poor signals and feel that you may do without signals for a while consider switching your cell to airplane mode.

6)   Take a Look into all Apps running in the Background and Stop the Ones you don’t need

Go to settings and then to Apps. You will see the list of apps that are running on your cell. Since all these are draining battery, turn off the ones you don’t need to minimize the battery usage.


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