Top Reasons to Wear Sunglasses


If you think that sunglasses are a luxury item and is exclusively meant to add style to your personality then this is certainly not the case. Sunglasses primary purpose is to protect your eyes from the harmful sunrays similar to sunscreen which helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

1)   Helps Prevent Cancer

Though you are quick to wear sunscreen all over your face along with all the exposed areas you often end up ignoring the most sensitive area of your body i.e. your eyes. The harmful UV rays are as harmful for your eyes as they are for your skin. The sensitive skin area around your eyes is prone to cancer and this is the reason that 10% of skin cancers are found in this area.

Sunglasses are just what can help protect your eyes and the sensitive skin area around your skin from cancer. Therefore, make sure you cover your eyes and the skin area around your skin by wearing good quality sunglasses.

2)   Helps Prevent Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration refers to the process where part of the retina also referred to as macular starts deteriorating leading eventually to blindness. Since some UV radiations can speed up this process wearing sunglasses can help protect your eyes from UV rays and thus prevent them from speeding up the process.


3)   Helps Prevent Cataract

Research suggests that prolonged exposure to sunlight and the harmful UV rays can contribute to cataract. Similarly, glaucoma is another serious eye condition that can lead to blindness in individuals and sunglasses that help block harmful UV rays can help lower your risk of cataracts along with lowering the complications associated with glaucoma.


4)   Protection from Elements

Whether it is protecting your eyes from sand, dust, wind and snow sunglasses can help protect your eyes from all these elements and avoid your eyes from stress and strain caused by these elements.



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