Top Interview Questions and How to Answer Them


Job interviews are such a common phenomenon in our lives. Well let’s admit it that sometimes an interview can be a very daunting and intimidating task as not all interviewers are alike and while some are courteous there are some out there who are nothing short of ruthless.

However, irrespective of the environment of interview you find yourself in make sure that you talk a bare minimum and restrict your conversation to the mere answering of the questions that are being asked.

1)   Tell Us about Yourself

Stay away from the mistake of delving into personal details rather elaborate a little about your qualification and your relevant experiences. However, the important thing here is to keep your answer as brief and concise as possible and once again avoid indulging into personal details


2)   Why should we hire you

The first thing to remember here is not to get into a defensive mode while you answer this question. Remember the interviewer has seen something in your profile and that is why your job application and resume was short listed and you are finding yourself at the interview table.

The best way to answer this question is to use a bit of humor and turn the tables but just a little. Tell the interviewer if I have made it here to your interview table then considering your caliber to identify the right people for the right job I must be having at least something to suit this job.

However, do not wait for the interviewer response and say that after taking a detailed look into the job requirements you felt that you match the criteria.


3)   What Are Your Strengths

Well again as mentioned earlier do not delve into your personal strengths rather this question should be answered in the most professional manner.

Did you read the job advertisement and the job requirements? It is time to build your strengths around it. If the job requires certain skills then list those skills as your strengths.

4)   What Are Your Weaknesses

Irrespective of what you answer here make sure that you stay clear of mentioning any skill that has been mentioned in job requirement as the job criteria as your weakness. If the requirement says effective communication don’t say that you are shy, introvert or have social anxieties.

Rather consider saying that you are still trying to improve on certain aspects of life and have no plans of giving up when it comes to improvement in life and the progress is certainly more than satisfactory.

5)   Would you like to know anything About Us

This is an opportunity for you to turn the table. Ask the interviewer what measures they have adopted in their company to facilitate the professional growth of the employee and the appraisal criteria they have in place. Inquire them how they reward and retain the employees who demonstrate performance and devotion to their work.


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