Sanitizing Your Kitchen


Research suggests that the kitchen sponge has one of the highest bacteria presences in your home. Though people often take pain to sanitize their washrooms rarely does it occur to them that their kitchen surfaces, appliances, sponges and wash clothes and utensils are in more need of sanitization?

Let’s start with what you will need to sanitize your kitchen

  • Bleach
  • Dish Washing Sponge
  • Wash Clothes
  • Dish Washing Liquid

Sanitize Your Utensils

Start with washing and sanitizing your kitchen utensils. Take a new sponge and wash all your utensils with an anti bacterial liquid detergent with it. Pay special attention to utensils that are most susceptible to cross contamination like the cutting boards, knives and food washing dishes. You can also consider using the kitchen safe bleach to sanitize your cutting board and washing it thoroughly with water to take off any detergent and bleach residue.

After you have washed your utensils, it is time to carefully place these in a corner so you may sanitize your kitchen easily without having to worry about your utensils coming in the way.

Sanitizing Your Appliances

Spray a little bleach on your wash cloth and sanitize your kitchen appliances with it. Take special care to wipe off your micro wave, stove and refrigerator (after switching it off) with bleach.

Sanitizing Kitchen Surfaces

Make use of dish washing liquid and bleach to sanitize your kitchen surfaces. Make use of the wash clothes to wipe the kitchen surfaces with detergent and bleach and allow them to dry off.

Sanitizing Your Kitchen Floor

Kitchen floors fall prey to bacteria and germs too. Therefore, make sure you scrub these properly to remove both stains and germs from these and mop these.

Sanitize Your Kitchen Sink

Sanitize your kitchen sink or it may end up transferring germs to dish, utensils and even your food. Wash it with bleach to get rid of any grease and germs on it.

Sanitize Your Kitchen Sponge and Wash Clothes Separately

After you are done sanitizing your kitchen it is now time to sanitize your kitchen sponges and wash clothes. Place these separately in a mixture of dish washing liquid and bleach in water.

Once you are done with all these steps you can be sure that your kitchen is sanitized for the day.


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