Rules of Power: A Brief Summary _ Rule 32-41


32) Play to People Fantasies

This rule suggests that people more than often tend to avoid truth since it is harsh and unattractive. Therefore, it suggests that you should better be prepared to deal with all the anger that comes along with appealing to the truth. Rather it suggests playing to people fantasies as people who can successfully create escapist notions are like oases in the desert and everyone ends up flocking to them. Therefore, the power lies in tapping into the fantasies of the masses and everyone is sure to follow you.

33) discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew

Every one of us has a weakness which may exist in any form. While in some it may take the form of an uncontrollable emotion in some it may take the form of certain insecurity. Similarly, in some it may even be in the form of a secret pleasure. This rule suggests discovering your enemy’s thumbscrew and then using it to your advantage.

34) Be Royal in your Fashion

This rule suggests that acting like a king if you wish to be treated like one. Once you carry yourself with an air of regality the resulting aura and image will dictate how others treat you or respond to you. If you appear crude or ordinary it will lead to people disrespecting you. Therefore, act regal and act confident of your powers and you are destined to wear a crown.

35) Master the Art of Timing

Make sure that you always appear in control which means that you never appear in a hurry or impatient as being in a rush would go on to depict a lack of self-control. Your aura should rather depict that you know that things will come to you eventually. This means that you should become a detective of the right time and stand back when the time does not appear ripe. This also means that you should be ready to strike back with full power once the time is in your favor.

36) Disdain Things you cannot: Ignoring them is the Best Revenge

Giving attention and spending time to a small problem is akin to lending it undeserved credibility and magnifying its importance. This rule suggests that the more attention you pay to your enemy the stronger you are likely to render him. Similarly, attempting to fix a small mistake will only result in the mistake gaining more visibility and getting worse with every attempt.

Therefore, it is more advantageous to ignore certain things. Similarly, show contempt in aspect of something that you want yet cannot get hold of as the less interest you depict the more superior you seem.

37) Create Compelling Spectacles

Make use of grand symbolic gestures and striking imagery to create the aura of power as people are known to respond to them. These help create an ambience of power and heighten your presence. Since people would be struck by your appearance your true aspirations and intentions will be concealed and masked by it. Therefore, use it as a distraction tool.

38) Think as you like but Behave like Others

Reserve your originality and unconventionality for those who are reliable and tolerant rather than displaying it in front of all and sundry who have no taste, appreciation or even tolerance for it. This suggests that those who do not understand your thoughts are more likely to interpret it as your tool to seek attention or your way of letting them know that they are inferior and may harbor feelings of alienation and hatred towards you. Therefore, it is safer that you blend in and nurture the common touch.

39) Stir up Waters to Catch Fish

This rule suggests that composure and calm are the key to success and while it is important that you keep your emotions under check stirring up your enemy’s emotions may be productive. Therefore, put your enemies off balance by means of finding chink in their vanity to rattle them.

40) Despise the Free Lunch

This rule suggests not to opt for free lunch as it either involves a hidden obligation or entails a trick. Whatever is worthy must be worth paying for besides it will also help you stay clear of any gratitude, deceit and guilt.

Therefore, the wise idea is to opt for the full price rather than opting for free lunch. Similarly, appearing miser will also not go with your objectives rather opt for looking lavish and liberal with your spending as generosity is a sign and even a magnet for power.

41) Avoid Stepping into Great Man’s Shoes

It is the pioneers that are considered to be superiors. Someone who has to step into their shoes is faced with the burden of accomplishing double than the predecessor in order to outshine them. Avoid getting bogged down in someone else’s history or in the shadow of a storied forbear that isn’t your own making. In the event you are to take charge of some one’s legacy then consider establishing your own name by changing course in order to establish your name and identity.


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