The Rise of E-Portals and their Impact on the Pakistan Real Estate Sector


Technology and the resulting rise of e-portals in Pakistan have revolutionized the way businesses are carried out in Pakistan. The real estate sector of Pakistan is no exception and it too has drawn huge benefits from the technology revolution and the rise of e-portals.

Though the agents still have a major role to play in the property purchasing process, the difference that the e-portals technology has brought about is empowering the buyers as they now have the resource to carry out an extensive research before they opt for a final purchase. To put in simple words the rise of online portals mean that the buyers now have more access, more choices and can now make more informed purchases.

Loss Minimization

The rise of online portals has also played a major role in minimizing the loss associated with the purchase of a property. People all over the world, before they invest in a property, now turn to the online portals to carry out a feasibility investigation and thus minimize the potential risk associated with the investment.

Globalization of the Pakistan Real Estate Sector

The stepping in of technology and the rise of e-portals in the real estate sector has benefited it in several ways. Let’s not over look the fact that it has brought about global customers to the sector and therefore, no matter where the potential buyers are located around the world access to the properties is now merely a click away.

Besides this way the potential buyers can also carry out an investigation about the property they might be inclined towards.

To conclude, the rise of e-portal has not merely globalized the Pakistan real estate sector but has also lent it more credibility. Now people around the world who wish to invest in the Pakistan property sector have access to the required information on their finger tips along with the minimization of the risk associated with an uninformed purchase.


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