Protection From Evil


Satan has a will for you. Satan has an agenda for you. Satan has a list of things for you to do. In our lives, we live in a soup of good and evil where it is sometimes difficult to discern HIS will. In the mix of this soup of good and evil, we have our own will that is easily influenced by the flaming temptations Satan hurls at us.

When we lack faith, when we try to do everything on our own using our own resources, we run out of our own resources and eventually we get burned. HE will help protect us from evil but this does not mean evil will go away. We live in a constant battle of forces. Our own will tries to get us to do what we want to do, HE tries to get us to do what HE wants us to do, and Satan tries to get us to do what Satan wants us to do.

In the middle of this spiritual war in which we are involuntarily immersed, Satan is shooting at us. Sometimes Satan wounds us and hurts us. Sometimes Satan makes us sick, gives us diseases, causes war, famine, and plague. However, as bad as all this sounds on the surface, the great news is we can all win. We can all achieve sweet victory. For when we choose to accept HIM into our hearts.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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