How to Protect Your Hands during the Winter Season


While we pay attention to our face our hands are often a victim of neglect. Do you know your hands are often the first indicator of your age as failing to take care of your hands is akin to robbing your hands of their moisture?

Taking care of your hands gains more significance during the winter season as the harsh winter season may end up drying your skin. To help you take care of your hands during the winter season, below we will take a look into the winter hand protection regimen you should follow.

1)   Apply Petroleum Jelly

Though many hand creams are available in the market make sure you apply petroleum jelly at least once perhaps best during the night. Petroleum Jelly and Vaseline are acclaimed for their moisture sealing properties and keeping your skin soft and supple.

2)   Massage Your Hands

Do not forget to give your hands a thorough massage at least once in a week. We suggest that you use oil for this purpose especially the olive oil as olive oil is renowned for its moisturizing properties. Once you have massaged your hands thoroughly it is time to wipe out the extra oil from your hands with the help of cotton balls.

3)   Scrub Your Hands

Scrubbing your hands is important as it helps remove the dead cells from your hands and give way to new and fresh cells. However, make sure that you scrub your hands very gently and do not irritate your skin in the process. Chose the gentlest scrub available in the market that also moisturizes your hands while it scrubs as it will help keeping the natural moisture of your hands intact.

4)   Wear Woolen Gloves

Wear woolen gloves after moisturizing your hands. Woolen gloves will help protect your hands from the harsh winter season. However, it is important that you buy only the highest quality gloves and wash these at least once a week.

This winter hand care regimen can help you maintain your hands soft and supple during the winter season.


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