Pride of Pakistan: Pakistan’s Army Chief General Raheel Shareef Declared the World’s Best Military Commander


It is no secret that Nation Pakistan has profound love for its army. However, having said this it seems that none of the Pakistan’s army chief and his military regime has ever enjoyed the overwhelming popularity and support that General Raheel Shareef and his military regime does both internationally and domestically.

General Raheel Shareef enjoys immense popularity all over Pakistan not only among adults but also children who flock around to meet him where ever he goes. Known for his expressionless face which never betrays his feelings Raheel Shareef integrity both as a human and chief in commander is well known to the nation.

Perhaps what sets Raheel Shareef apart from the rest is his unshaken resolve of being with his people whenever they are in need of him. After the few and rare terrorist attacks that Pakistan has witnessed after his swearing in as the army chief, Raheel Shareef is the first man to reach the affected ares to be by his people and to let them know that they are not alone. It seems that nothing not even the looming security threat ever gets in his way or has the potential to stop him from being with his people.

However, it is not only the trying times that manage to bring Raheel Shareef among his people as unlike others who like to celebrate Eid and other festivities from the comfort of their homes Raheel Shareef spends Eid on borders with his soldiers.

Though the General who is always on borders with his soldiers or visiting them on the battle grounds of the on-going Zarb-e-Azam, the General is quick to share the grief of his people at national losses. Who can forget the day when the humanitarian Adbul Sattar Edhi died and the general was quick to show up on his funeral after announcing a state burial for him.

It is thus his knack of being there for his people, his soldiers and standing up for his nation that seems to have bestowed Raheel Shareef the popularity, love and success he enjoys today.



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