Pride of Pakistan: The Pakistan Capital Islamabad Declared the World’s Second Most Beautiful Capital


It seems that Pakistan has more reasons to be proud of as the Pakistani capital Islamabad has been declared as the “World’s 2nd most beautiful capital” right after London.Well for those of you who have already been to Islamabad this news should not come as a surprise!

It seems that the Pakistani capital has been blessed with it all the beautiful Margalla Hills, beautiful roads, monuments, lakes, landmarks, museum and shopping malls. Besides the capital also has a great weather year round which makes it conducive for all to visit it round the year.

While there are some who believe that Islamabad looks more beautiful during the day there are others who believe that Islamabad beauty is far more mesmerizing in the night.

It would be pertinent to mention here that Islamabad, in terms of beauty, has left behind some of the most beautiful and well-known world capitals like Washington, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Budapest, Ottawa and Moscow. Indeed an honor for Pakistan and a new beginning for tourism in Pakistan.

However, Islamabad is not only acknowledged for its beauty but also for its serene environment. For many it is just the place to visit when they feel a little stressed and tired of the everyday pressures of life and are looking for an escape.

Therefore, the next time you wish to see the capital that has left behind all capitals of the world except for London in terms of beauty it is time to visit Islamabad and witness the enigma yourself.


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