Pride of Pakistan Dr. Adeebul Hasan Rizvi and the miracle known as S.I.U.T


If only humans could be described as angels then Dr. Adeebul Hasan Rzivi could best be defined as an angel in one word.

In the world of medicine where the global pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and even doctors who are entrusted with the task of saving lives have decided to take advantage of people helplessness and gone on to become health industry, Dr. Adeebul Hasan Rizvi opted for an entirely different destination.

What sets Dr. Adeebul Hasan Rizvi apart from all is his service to humanity despite being in the position where he could have chosen to exploit people especially the poor. His greatness can be comprehended from the fact that whatever national/international awards and recognitions were conferred to him this man brought the entire amount accompanying the awards to S.I.U.T.

Those who are lucky enough to know him personally are well familiar with the fact that he ended up bringing all cash and even gifts that were given to his children on their respective marriages to S.I.U.T so the poor and the under privileged section of the society may continue to receive treatment and no one is denied treatment.

S.I.U.T is perhaps one institute that does not deny treatment to anyone owing to lack of funds. Therefore, once you step into S.U.I.T you can be sure that the institute and the doctors would take the best care of you and your lack of resources would not stand in the way of you getting the best possible care.

S.I.U.T success and greatness perhaps is embedded in the fact that Dr. Adeebul Hasan Rizvi has managed to cultivate a team of doctors who are not only great doctors but great human beings. No doubt once you step into the S.I.U.T premises you will sense more humanity and dedication than anything else.


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