Preventing Cold and Flu in the Winter Season


Cold and flu is common in the winter season and while it does not lead to serious health condition it does disrupt your life and causes a great deal of discomfort.

Of course, we all wish to stay clear of this common winter phenomenon and if you are also looking for ways to prevent cold and flu below we will take a brief look into the top ways to make it possible.

1)   Boost your Vitamin C and Zinc Intake

Boost your Vitamin C intake as a natural means to prevent cold and flu in the winter season. However, we suggest that you do not resort to the vitamin C supplements and as far as possible take Vitamin C in its original form. Go for citrus fruits that are loaded with Vitamin C along with vegetables like broccoli that have rich vitamin C content.

2)   Boost your Immunity with Adequate Sleep

Adequate sleep is the key to healthy immune system and if you too do not wish to fall prey to the rampant winter cold and flu make sure that you get adequate sleep. While sleep deprivation is detrimental throughout the year this particularly in the winter season can lead to health consequences.

3)   Watch your Water Intake

The first thing to suffer in the winter season is your water intake. Research suggests that adequate water intake is associated with flushing out of toxins in your body and thus help you stay healthy. Though you do not tend to feel much thirsty in winter, make sure you consume adequate amount of water during the winter season as well so your body organs may function at their optimal.

4)   Wash your Hands

We all know that the common cold and flu germs are transferred by hand contact that makes it necessary to wash your hands more frequently especially before eating. Therefore, wash your hands frequently especially before eating or consuming anything. Similarly, it is also important to take care of your overall hygiene to keep the germs off you.


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