Practical, Affordable, Quick and Yet Effective Skin Care Routine for Women


Many women complain not having enough time at hands to follow a daily skin care regimen and as a result their skin suffers from neglect resulting in acnes, blemishes, spots, blackheads and other skin impurities. However, taking out a few minutes every day for your skin is better than suffering from dull and blemished skin.

If you feel that you cannot take out enough time from your daily routine for your skin care then below we will take a look into few practical, affordable, quick and yet effective skin care tips that will allow you to maintain a clear skin.

Buy Face Wash According to Your Skin Type

The first step to quality skin care is to buy face wash according to your skin type. In the event you have oily skin make sure you buy face wash with salicylic acid or tea tree oil that can help take off excess oil from your face and keep your skin clear.

However, those who have dry skin would be better off buying a face wash with glycerin. Similarly, people with normal skin should buy a mild face wash with both cleansing and moisturizing ingredients perhaps Aloe Vera.

Face Cleanser

Remember face wash is not enough as you also need a face cleanser to clean your skin. However, you do not have to buy expensive face cleansers from the market. Take a little rose water and add a few drops of lemon to it. While this may be great for oily skin dry skin needs a gentle formulation.

People with dry skin can consider adding a few olive oil drops to this cleansing lotion besides adding only a drop of lemon to the lotion (optional). People with normal skin would be better off with the application of only rose water as cleanser and can add a little green tea extract to the rose water as well.

This skin care routine will ensure that your skin stays dirt, oil and pollution free and has a clean and healthy look and feel to it.


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