Plants Help Improve Performance, Work Quality and Productivity at Work Places


If you think that the efficacy of plants is only limited to enhancing beauty at homes or workplaces then you will be surprised to know that plants are capable of much more.

Below, we will take a look into how plants can help improve concentration, focus, memory and performance at workplaces and educational institutes. Similarly, we will also take a look into how these boost emotional health and lower stress levels at these places.

1)   Boosts Memory, Concentration and Productivity

A study carried out by the University of Michigan suggests that being under the influence of plants can improve memory retention by as much as 20%. Similarly, studies carried out in Norway suggest that work productivity is enhanced by the presence of plants in work place.

The study also went on to suggest that the work carried out under ornamental plants is not only of higher quality but also has a higher accuracy rate than the work carried out in an environment which is devoid of nature.

2)   Lower Stress Levels in Work Places and Educational Institutes

Plants help lower stress levels and since stress is very common in both workplaces and educational institutes, plants are but great and effective stress management tools in both these places.



3)   Boosts Oxygen Content of the Air

Plants help boost oxygen content of the air.  Research suggests that increased oxygen intake is associated with enhanced mental performance, focus and concentration.

4)   Boosts Emotional Health

Emotional health is as important as physical well-being as emotional health is associated with improved performance at workplace and educational institutes. Plants help provide an atmosphere which boosts the emotional well-being of people and thus help them stay positive, remain happy and perform better.


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