PIA Grounds all ART planes, Chairman PIA Resigns: The Aftermath of PK-661 Continues:


It seems that the Government of Pakistan is hell bent upon privatizing P.I.A and will do anything and everything to tarnish the image of P.I.A to pave way for its privatization.

P.I.A: The Favorite Airline of Jacqueline Kennedy (Late) and the Airline that Help Set up Emirates

A few years down in the memory lane and you will be reminded of the glory that P.I.A enjoyed at a global level. P.I.A. was the favorite airline of none other than Jacqueline Kennedy along with many other renowned celebrities.

It was none other than our very own P.I.A that helped set up and train the now world’s best airline Emirates.

What Went Wrong Initially?

A number of reasons are quoted as how the once glorious P.I.A went into decline and lost its glory. While there are some who believe that Emirates that P.I.A had went onto set up and train emerged as its competition and paved way for its decline there are some who believe that this is certainly not the case.

Yes! The excellent services P.I.A was renowned for had begun to decline and Emirates was fast emerging as a competitor in wake of P.I.A failing to keep pace with competition and amid its own deteriorating services.

Later Events and Down Fall

It is no longer a secret that once the PPP AND PML took over Pakistan Governments in turn the already declining P.I.A fell victim to their ulterior political motives. P.I.A. witnessed induction of unwanted political workers as both these parties inducted their political workers in P.I.A with the sole aim of pleasing them and keeping their vote bank intact.

PIA: Unprofessionalism at its Best and International Embarrassments

As if it was not enough P.I.A went on to become a living example of unprofessionalism at its best. Very recently P.I.A has been declared as the consistently high risk prone airline just behind the Ethiopian Airlines.

Before that UK also banned P.I.A cargo services owing to security concerns however, it also became effective in EU as per the rules of the EU countries.

Following this U.S.A also imposed a ban on the P.I.A cargo services.

Outdated Aircrafts

P.I.A also came under severe criticism when its fleets of planes were found to be outdated and not in accordance with the safety standards. P.I.A aircrafts met several accidents during the period and while some of these were reported some never made it to the public eye.

The On-Going Speculations and the Ulterior Motives behind P.I.A Privatization Plans

After Benazir Bhutto died in Rawalpindi and her not so loved husband took over as the president of Pakistan P.I.A it is believed was deliberately thrown into decline as it was believed that the president family had plans of launching their own airline.

Similarly, whenever in PML Government tenures P.I.A has suffered or rather made to suffer the PML minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi the owner of Air Blue has been the first one to benefit from it.

How Much of the P.I.A Annual Losses is Attributed to Prime Minister and His Cabinet Travelling

Though the government is quick to inform people of the loss that P.I.A is incurring and suggesting privatization to be the only solution, they are quick to hide that a huge amount of this loss is attributed to the extensive traveling of the Prime Minister and his cabinet.

It is also pertinent to mention here that even the menu that prime minster orders for a single and a few hours flight amounts to losses and that too in lakhs.

It is not rare to hear that a P.I.A plane which is destined for a very profitable route has been taken off its route to carry Prime Minister and thus incur unaccountable losses.

The ill fated PK-661

However, from here let’s cut straight to PK-661 where P.I.A criminal negligence ended up taking 48 precious lives including passengers and crews not to forget Pakistan’s beloved Junaid Jamshed.

ART Aircrafts Grounded in Pakistan

It is sad to note that PK-661 catastrophe was not enough to ground these aircrafts in Pakistan as P.I.A waited for another tragedy and loss of more loves before these aircrafts could be grounded.

It seems that these outdated and unfit aircrafts coupled with typical P.I.A criminal negligence did not wait long to claim more lives. However, this time GOD was kind enough to warn the pilot a little ahead of time. According to the media reports the pilot had only started the engine when the engine caught fire which was quickly put off by the staff.

Following the huge public outcry after this incident P.I.A was forced to ground the ART aircrafts.

Resignation of P.I.A Chairman

How appointments are done in P.I.A along with other institutions is another fiasco. The P.I.A Chairman who resigned on 12th of December days following the plane crash was appointed as a reward for pursuing an anti-army stance and policy.

It is pertinent to note here that ex-chairman P.I.A happens to be one of the owners of Dawn newspaper and channel which is known to promote the Government’s anti-army policy. It would be pertinent to note here that Media Leaks which was aimed at defaming the army was published by none other than Dawn group as well.

P.I.A German CEO

You would be further interested to know the state of affairs in P.I.A. The institution which is incurring heavy losses with privatization only been deferred after a massive protest and strike by its employees which even took lives has gone on to hire a German CEO with a monthly salary of $10,000 million. In July it was announced that his salary will be increased to $18,000 million.

However, wait till you hear the most interesting aspect of this hiring. Perhaps you would be surprised to hear that that Mr. Hildenbrand still not had his security clearance.

Beware of Privatization

Towards the last if you, too, find yourself thinking that P.I.A should better be privatized then we congratulate the Government of Pakistan for forging the public opinion in the favor of P.I.A privatization. After all they have promised the donors they have obtained massive debts from to privatize P.I.A and sell this national asset for peanuts.

Final Thought

As a Pakistani, it is our duty to bring out the hidden truth. Above are some facts concerning P.I.A in front of you and now the decision is yours.


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