Personal Skills – Tolerance of Change and Uncertainty


Let’s face it as humans we are accustomed to and prefer certainty and continuity. Therefore, change and uncertainty instills insecurity and fear in us.

Organizations when these are looking to implement change often face resistance from their employees who perceive it as a threat. Change and uncertainty if not handled properly may prove to be detrimental for mental and emotional health and performance.

Therefore, it is necessary that the change and uncertainty phase is handled in a sensitive manner which entails due regards for the implications that it has on humans, their productivity, performance and most importantly their health.

In the event you are also going through a similar phase then below we will offer you a brief guidance on how to boost your tolerance of change and uncertainty.

1)  Work on Disassociating the Element of Fear from Change and Uncertainty

We have a tendency to perceive change and uncertainty as a threat and this is exactly what makes it sound so fearful for us. Therefore, work on disassociating the element of fear from change and uncertainty. Be a little optimistic instead of giving in to the feelings of fear and negativity.

2)  Identify Opportunities from amidst the Challenges

Opportunities often knock on our doors disguised as challenges. If you take a look into the history you would realize that changes and uncertainties served as the stepping stones of success. Remember that nothing unusual is likely to spring from the track that you are treading for long. Experience suggests that success is usually accompanied by change.

Therefore, try to identify the hidden opportunities in change and uncertainty.

3)  Plan

Do not surrender in the face of change and uncertainty rather make efforts to overcome it! Divert your mind from all the negativity clouding your thought process and plan a little. Write down all the scenarios that come to your mind in context of the change and uncertainty and then chalk out a course of action that you are likely to tread in each of the given scenario.

When you plan, you feel that you are at least in a little control of the situation and the feeling of uncertainty which is so overpowering subsides a little. Therefore, instead of contemplating only on the negative try focusing on something that can help counter the fear in your mind.

4)  Use it as an Opportunity to enhance your Skills

Identify whether the new scenario would require you to upgrade yourself and enhance your skills. If you feel that it is likely consider upgrading your knowledge and enhancing your skills to place yourself in a better position to counter the upcoming situation.

5)  Look for Alternatives to Sustain

If you think that change and uncertainty is too much to handle then consider looking for alternatives to deal with the situation. There are several benefits of looking for alternatives first it helps minimize the level of stress second it helps reduce uncertainty by rendering a few alternatives within your reach.

Therefore, if you are also looking forward to minimize the level of stress and uncertainty you are facing make efforts to look for alternatives too.


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