Personal Skills – Stress Management


Stress can lead to serious physical, emotional and mental health consequences therefore, stress management is inevitable or stress can tell upon your health.

Though nothing is better than seeking professional help to manage stress there are certain stress management techniques that can help you manage and prevent your stress build up.

1)  Identify Stress Triggers

Identify behaviors, events and habits that are leading to the buildup of stress. Have you recently gone through a major life change, have you recently changed your job, have you gone through a breakup/divorce or lost your job? Identify whether you source of stress is nothing but inadequate time management on your behalf.

2)  Maintain a Stress Journal

Maintain a stress journal and write down all the factors which triggered the feelings of stress in you during the day. Write down the environment which led to stress buildup and most importantly write down how you felt and how you reacted to it.

3)  Replace the Unhealthy Stress Coping Habits with the Healthy Ones

When faced with stress people have a tendency to turn to unhealthy stress coping mechanism and habits which however, end up doing further damage to their overall physical, emotional and mental health. The first step towards healthy stress management is to eliminate the unhealthy coping mechanisms and replace these with healthy ones.

Research suggests that people turn to increased caffeine intake, smoking, drugs, comfort foods and withdrawing from social life to cope with stress in their lives which further worsens the problem for them.

Turn to healthy coping mechanism which includes getting adequate sleep, socializing, eating healthy food, talking to someone about the problem, learning effective time management and diverting your attention.

Connect with Others

Do not isolate yourself in times of troubles and stress. Though you may have a tendency to seclude yourself from the society and withdraw from social life make sure you do not fall into the trap of isolation as it will further worsen your stress. Connect with people and share your feelings with the ones you trust.

Take up a Hobby or a Pet

Diverting your mind and turning it something positive will help manage stress. Is there anything that you enjoy doing or is there a hobby that you enjoy? Consider doing it to help divert your mind and obtain happiness and satisfaction.

You can also consider adopting a pet as research suggests that adopting a pet and looking after him/her not only helps divert your mind, imparts happiness but also helps relax you as your pet also offers you company.

Find out Solutions

Though coping mechanisms are good you ultimately have to find a solution to the problem that is leading to stress build up in your life. If stress is left unaddressed for long it may have serious health consequences. Therefore, focus on finding the solution in the long run.

If the job stress is getting too much to handle consider talking to your manager about it and stop suffering in silence. If the stress is owing to a major life change, remember that time is a great healer and the wounds will heal with time. If the stress is owing to a change like recently having taken a new responsibility or new job, give yourself time to adjust to the new situation and focus on time management.


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