Personal Skills – Self Confidence


If you feel that you lack self-confidence then you are indeed not alone as many of us lack the confident persona that we love so much about someone else. However, if you are also among the ones who were not lucky enough to be born a confident person the good news for you is that there is still hope for you.

Let’s take a look into a few tips that can help you look and feel more confident.

·      Accept Yourself the Way You Are

Most of our problems arise from a failure to accept ourselves the way we are. Remember acceptance helps us become more confident and move forward. Is there anything about you that you do not seem to come in terms with? Probably it is the reason that is giving rise to insecurity and a lack of confidence in you.

·      Focus on Your Strengths and Unique Qualities

Each of us has been blessed with our own set of strengths and certain qualities which are unique to us. Discover your strengths and the qualities that are unique to you and capitalize on those.

·      Know what is Important for you

There is always something which is important for us and we yearn for. Find that out and work towards achieving it to boost your self-confidence.

·      Remember your Positives and Accomplishments

You don’t always have to downplay yourself as it will only pull you down. Therefore, take out time on a daily basis to remind yourself of your positives and accomplishments.

·      Read Autobiographies

Reading biographies are a great way to broaden your horizons of life. It always serves as guidance and helps remind us that even the most successful people have gone through similar feelings, identical circumstances and thus impart us more confidence.

·      Be Proactive Rather than Being Reactive

The more in control you feel of your life the more confident you tend to feel. Similarly, the less in control you feel of your life the less confident you tend to become. Therefore, opt for a proactive approach in life rather than a reactive approach.

·      Socialize

Socialization offers a number of benefits when it comes to being confident. People who socialize experience less reluctance and hesitation while they interact with people than the ones who don’t and are thus more confident.

Secondly, people who socialize gain knowledge and insight into human behavior. Therefore, when looking to boost confidence try to socialize more often.

·      Avoid Switching to a Defensive Mode

One of the key to feel and act more confident is to avoid switching to a defensive mode and avoid offering explanations. In the face of criticism and situations which bring you under scrutiny opt to remain quiet and calm instead of bursting with excuses, defenses and explanations.

·      Avoid viewing yourself in the Light of Other’s Judgment

This is one of the most common mistakes that we as humans make we tend to view ourselves in the light of other judgment.


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