Personal Skills – Self Awareness


Self awareness means developing a clear perception of your own personality which means that you identify and obtain a better insight into your

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Motivations
  • Thoughts
  • Desires
  • Emotions
  • Beliefs
  • Reactions

Significance of Self-Awareness

Self awareness allows you to understand yourself so you may obtain an understanding of how you behave, respond and ultimately leads you to be in better control of your own behavior and responses.

Self-awareness allows you to understand your own emotions and of those around you. It also helps you understand how your emotions are affecting the ones around you.

Similarly, it also allows you to obtain a better understanding of your emotions and better channelize these and thus renders you in control of yourself and empowers you.

Improve and Master yourself with Self-Awareness

Self awareness is an integral part of emotional intelligence. No doubt effective people and effective leaders are self-aware which allows them to master themselves.

3 Steps to Self-Awareness

Let’s take a look into 3 small steps that can help you become a more self-aware person

Understand yourself from the Perspective of your Life

Your life experiences have a major share in shaping you as a person and where you stand today. Therefore, start your journey of self-awareness by reflecting at your past life.

Start from the beginning and try to identify people, events and experiences that have had the major and greatest impact on your life. Similarly, move forward and reflect on the later years of your life. If you have any habits that are hard to get over try to identify how these developed in the first place and then how these strengthened.

Are you an optimistic or a pessimistic person identify it and then try tracing it back to your life. Identify the experiences in life that led you to develop a negative or positive outlook of life? Do you lose temperament quickly? Try to identify the insecurities which gave rise to this behavior in you.

Self-Reflect Daily

Take out a few minutes every day to reflect on yourself. Write down your experiences from everyday life and also note how you reacted to a specific event. Identify triggers which led you to behave in a certain way during the day.

If you experienced stress during the day identify the factors which gave rise to stress. Was it lack of adequate sleep, was it the stressful environment, the pressure of meeting deadline or was it ineffective time management?

Ask for Feedback

Are you familiar with the term blind spots? These are traits that we are unable to identify in ourselves. However, others around us are well familiar with these traits of ours. Therefore, ask others around you about these traits. However, ask only those who are familiar with you and with whom you interact the most.

Similarly, make sure that you are offered honest feedback as people may sometimes feel reluctant and hesitate from offering you honest feedback.


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