Personal Skills – Friendliness


Think for a moment do you like interacting/working/dealing with difficult people or do you feel better off with friendly people? The answer is simple in fact evident! People feel far more comfortable when dealing with friendly people.

Friendliness is the gateway to a world of professional and social opportunities. Let’s take a look into the top thoughtful ways to be friendly, the many benefits of being friendly and the top mistakes to avoid in friendliness.

Thoughtful Ways to be friendly

Take the Lead

Have you heard “First impression is the last impression” Therefore, make sure that you leave the first good impression.

Take the lead in meeting others and do not wait for others to come to you. In other words take matters in your hands to empower yourself as waiting for others depicts a low self-esteem.

Speak through your Body Language

Remember that you don’t merely speak through your words but also though your body language. A firm hand shake designates confidence, control and empowerment.

Listen and Avoid Interrupting the Conversation

Remember people love to be heard. Therefore, listen carefully and avoid interrupting the conversation. People who listen inspire trust, confidence and respect. Similarly, interrupting the conversation halfway leaves a bad impression.

Offer Balanced Self-Disclosure

Avoid speaking excessively as being friendly does not require that you talk too much. Similarly, when conversing, offer balanced self-disclosure and do not give away too much in the conversation.

Let the conversation be two sided and make sure that you are not the only one who is speaking throughout the conversation.

Benefits of Friendliness Skill

There are various benefits that the friendliness skill offers you. Let’s take a look into a few of these.

Engage Others in Open and Honest Communication

The art of being friendly puts you at an advantage as it allows you to engage others in open and honest communication with you. No doubt leaders, managers and even individuals who are friendly inspire trust and confidence. Therefore, these people are considered ideal candidates for leadership and similar other roles.

Make Others Feel Good About Themselves

Do you know what is it that renders friendly people so loveable and popular? It is because they have the quality of making others good about themselves. Similarly, these people also have the ability to make people feel happy and help boost their self-confidence.

Leaves Good Impression

Friendly people always leave a good and lasting impression on others. No doubt they also serve as mood booster for people.

Enjoy a Good Social Life

People who are friendly enjoy a good social life and an enhanced social circle and network.

Build and Retain Relationships

Friendly people are naturally blessed with the skill of building and retaining relationships.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are certain mistakes that you should avoid when acquiring and practicing the skill of being friendly.

Don’t Allow Friendliness to get in way of Honest Opinions/Feedback

Do not allow friendliness to get in way of your honest opinions. In other words it should not be confused with the tendency to please everyone and keep everyone pleased all the time.

Don’t Jump in the Conversations to Avoid Embarrassing Breaks and Pauses

Being friendly does not mean that the burden of carrying out and keeping the conversation going on is solely on your shoulders.  If there are breaks and pauses in the on-going conversation do not jump in to fill these.


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