Personal Skills – Competitiveness


Business environment is fast changing with the evolution of technology. No doubt certain things which could be deemed relevant a few years back can easily be termed redundant today. Businesses and individuals therefore, need to be competitive so they can sustain, survive besides outshine others including rivals.

Below we will take a look into the necessity of being competitive in today’s world besides offering ways to become more competitive.

Serves as a Driving Force

Competitiveness serves as a driving force for individuals to work hard and boost their personal and professional growth as a means to stay abreast of changes and developments. Similarly, competitive individuals are known to possess more self-motivation than the ones who are not.

Top Positions and Top Paying Jobs Require Competitive Individuals

Both top positions and top paying jobs require competitive individuals. Since these jobs are highly challenging these require the incumbent to stay abreast of changes and developments that may be taking place and may have an impact on the organizational business and positioning in the industry.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of competitive individuals. Since these people are always on outlook for better and improved ways, they are known to be creative and innovative.

Ways to Become More Competitive

Since this is the age of technology evolution consumer choices are ever changing and evolving. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to hire highly competitive human resource to ensure that they retain and enhance their market share.

No doubt businesses seek to hire individuals who are highly competitive. Competitiveness seems to have become an essential skill for landing your dream job. Below we will take a look into the top ways to boost your competitiveness.

Focus on your Target Market

Your business is all about your customers. Therefore, the key to success is to focus on your target market. Make optimal efforts towards remaining informed of their needs, desires, choices and preferences.

Keep an Eye on the Competitors

Keep an eye on your competitors and make sure you stay well informed of their plans so they may not succeed in catching you by surprise.

Equip yourself with knowledge and Stay Abreast of Changes

While you are undertaking efforts on focusing on your target market and keeping an eye on your competitors another important thing to do is to equip yourself with knowledge. Make sure that you stay abreast of on-going changes related to your industry and any technological advancement.

Learn and Evolve

Competitive individuals know that they cannot afford stagnancy. Therefore, they are always on the quest of knowledge and opportunities to learn and evolve as humans and professionals.

Make it a habit to stay updated on all what affects your industry, the environment in which you operate your customers and your competitors.


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