Personal Skills – Adaptability


If there is something constant in life it is change. We both in our personal and professional capacity find ourselves exposed to change and uncertainty. With the advent and constant evolution of technology things at least on the professional front are changing fast.

The same stands true for our personal lives which can change in manner of minutes. Adaptability is the name given to the skill which allows us to adjust in the face of all these changes and uncertainty. Adaptability in the present times seems to have become an essential skill for survival. Though certain individuals are naturally more adaptable than others, adaptability is a skill which can always be learnt and acquired.

Be prepared that Life will Bring Changes

Since change is an integral part of life, individuals need to embrace the fact that life can change anytime. Therefore, work on acquiring flexibility and you would be better equipped to adapt to life changes.

Focus on Adapting Rather Than Resisting the Change

The first step towards adaptability is to tame your tendency to resist the change. Humans have a natural tendency to deny and resist the change process as they are prisoners to their desire of familiarity and certainty. Though you may find yourself forced to adapt to the new situation the truth remains that you hardly have a choice and have to oblige. Therefore, focus on adapting to the new situation rather than resisting the change.

Identify the Hidden Growth Opportunities

Every new situation entails new opportunities besides all the challenges that it brings along with it. Challenges always bring along opportunities with them and while you struggle to adapt to the new situation instead of filling your mind with negative and rebellious thoughts focus on how you can grow and evolve in the new situation.

Take it slowly and don’t Rush

Don’t push yourself into adapting in any given situation rather let time and circumstances take their natural course. If you push yourself unnecessarily you will only end up stressing yourself. Therefore, consider adopting the wait and watch policy and take it slowly.

Accept New Responsibilities and Roles

Though you are sure to experience reluctance and hesitation make sure you keep it within healthy limits. However, do not let these get in your way of accepting new responsibilities and roles.

Maintain Calm and Look Confident

Maintain calm and look confident. Make sure you feel and appear in full control of the situation and not otherwise.


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