Pakistan-Turkey Relationships: Turkish President Teyyep Erdogan to Address Joint Pakistan Parliament Session on Wednesday


Pakistan has always shared cordial relationship with Turkey and to strengthen these relations further the Turkish Prime Minister Teyyep Erdogan is all set to visit Pakistan on Wednesday the 16 of November, 2016.

As a gesture of solidarity with Pakistani Nation, the Turkish President will also address the joint parliament session on Wednesday. The two countries have of recent made special efforts to strengthen their relations in all fields including art and entertainment.  No doubt the Turkish dramas have already gained popularity in Pakistan and to take a step further the Turkish movies will soon be screened in Pakistan cinemas.

Speaking on the occasion Pakistani official said that Pakistan and Turkey face similar challenges and while Pakistan is hosting Afghanistan refugees Turkey too is hosting the Syrian refugees. He further elaborated that the countries shared mutual outlook on a number of issues and challenges.

The two brother Muslim countries have a rich history of relationships based on mutual trust and interests and the Turkish President visit is aimed at further strengthening these relations.

With the international politics changing fast it seems that world is witnessing a gradual shift in countries relations, China and Pakistan seems to have grown closer while China and Russia seem to be growing closer too. Similarly, Turkey while it is a member of NATO still manages to have good relations with Russia.

Though a drastic change is feared in USA policies after Donald Trump win as the next President of U.S.A, experts suggests that things are easier said than done and no major policy shift is expected in the USA policy towards other countries.

However, in the present scenario and political changes the Turkish President visit is all the more important to forge relations between the two countries.


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