Pakistan to Take Advantage of the Renewable Energy Technologies


Pakistan is a growing economy but the energy crisis the economy is presently facing is seriously hampering the economic growth rate. No doubt the renewable energy technologies can play a crucial role in putting Pakistan on the road of progress and prosperity. Therefore, more and more emphasis needs to be put on steps to take advantage of the renewable energy technologies in Pakistan.

Keeping in view the role the renewable energy technologies have the potential to play in developing Pakistan economy, the Ministry of Science and Technology has extended its support to the Research and Development organizations, industry and academics to enhance the share of renewable energy technologies in the total energy mix.

An international conference and exhibition on the renewable energy technologies was organized in the Pakistan’s capital Islamabad by COMSATS and PCRET along with ISESCO. Speaking on the occasion the Minister of science and technology was of the view that since Pakistan is blessed with solar energy and that too around the year it thus presents a golden opportunity for the foreign investors along with local businesses for investment.

The minister was of the opinion that a focus on the renewable energy technologies can give both the economy and industries the much needed boost. Further, he was of the opinion that collaboration between all i.e. academics, research organization and industries can bring out the best results not only for the economy but also for all those who would invest in it.

One of the most encouraging aspects of this is that Pakistan has one of the world’s highest energy resources. Therefore, all efforts to encourage the usage of renewable energy technologies in the country are more than likely to meet success.

It seems that with focus on all the right directions like the renewable energy technologies, Pakistan’s economy is all set to prosper and flourish in the coming years.


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