Pakistan Russia Friendship: How Russian Tilt towards Pakistan after China Pakistan Economic Corridor is managing to keep India on Tenterhook


It seems that Russia’s growing closeness with Pakistan after China Pakistan Economic Corridor is giving sleepless nights to the Indian Government.

Russian Stance on Heart of the Asia Conference

Though Russia initially denied its growing fondness for Pakistan but it became evident when Russia chose to speak against the treatment given to Pakistan at “Heart of the Asia Conference”.  When Russia’s presidential envoy to Pakistan was asked about Russian stance on Pakistan by an Indian journalist, the Russian ambassador made use of a little humor to answer her saying that he can smell a little jealousy. However, he did not just stop there and went on to say that Russia did not object to growing Indian proximity to U.S.A so India does not have the right to object at Russian stances too.

CPEC and Eurasian Economic Union

Russia has not only declared its strong support for CPEC but has also made public its intention of linking its Eurasian Economic Union with China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The Russian ambassador to Pakistan Alexey Y Dedov has announced that Pakistan and Russia have held talks to merge Russian Eurasian Economic Union with China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Moreover, he went on to say that not only is CPEC important for the economy of Pakistan but is equally important for the regional connectivity.

Pakistan Russia Joint Military Exercises

However, this is certainly not all as India expressed its deep reservations when Russia conducted joint military exercises with Pakistan which led India to convey its displeasure to Russia. However, it seems that it had a little to no impact on Russia which is fast working on building and strengthening ties with Pakistan.

Brics Goa Summit: Another setback to India Russian Deteriorating Relations

The Brics Goa Summit was another setback to Indian Russian relationship and had gone onto signal the deteriorating relations between the two countries. Refusing to be a part of the Indian blame game against Pakistan Russia chose not to be a part of India’s anti-Pakistan propaganda.


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