Pakistan Remembers APS Martyrs at 2 APS Anniversary: What has Changed 2 Years Onwards


Pakistan is observing the 2nd anniversary of APS martyrs. Today marks 2 years since the brutal APS incident, an accident which went on to change everything in Pakistan.

Terrorists after they had failed to attack major targets in Pakistan had gone on to attack soft targets in Pakistan by the end of 2014. However, the brutality which APS attacks witnessed was an unimaginable one and the horror the incident afflicted in the heart of the nation is perhaps something which has failed to go away with the passage of time.

However, it seems that APS was the final straw in the resolve of the nation to fight terrorism which had deepened its root in Pakistan after Pakistan went on to become the front line state in the war on terror on U.S.A pressure. While U.S.A did away with terrorism Pakistan emerged as the biggest victim of terrorism in the world.

After the A.P.S incident National Action Plan was implemented with full force and Raheel Shareef went on to take the implementation of National Action Plan in his own hand it is no secret that Raheel Shareef managed to ruffle many feathers once he led the army in the implementing of the plan.

Though it has only been 2 years much has changed in Pakistan and the army despite heavy resistance from political figures has kept the operation Zarb-e-azb and National Action Plan going.

2 years onwards Pakistan is indeed a lot safer than it was 2 years ago. Though the army is doing beyond than what it is required to do the Government has indeed not played the role it was supposed to play. However, what can be expected from the Government which is busy defending its corruption.


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