Pakistan to Organize Tourism Conference in Canada


In a move to revive the once thriving tourism industry of Pakistan, when people all around the world would come to Pakistan to see the beautiful scenery and witness the hospitality of its people, Pakistan is organizing a tourism conference in Canada.

Pakistan tourism suffered a major setback when Pakistan after it agreed to play the role of front line state in war against terrorism became the greatest victim of terror itself. The beautiful Pakistani valleys that were ranked among the favorite travel destinations of international celebrities fell prey to terror and Pakistan went on to emerge as one of the most insecure travel destinations in the world.

However, things have changed for the better after Zarb-e-Azb where Pakistan military launched a full fledged operation against militants in Pakistan and wiped them out. With things changing fast in Pakistan the Embassy of Pakistan in Canada has decided to organize “Pakistan Tourism Conference” in Canada. The conference is an attempt to revive the lost glory of the Pakistan tourism.

The announcement was made by Pakistani Ambassador in Canada Tariq Azeem in a meeting with the Managing Director Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Abdul Ghafoor.

The PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) chairman was invited by the Pakistan Ambassador to attend the conference and capitalize on the opportunity to promote the tourism industry. The ongoing efforts seemed destined to meet success as prominent Canadian outbound tour operators and stakeholders have been roped in to attend the conference.

Speaking on the occasion Pakistani Ambassador in Canada Tariq Azeem said that Pakistan has the potential to draw tourism from Canada especially the Sikh community residing in Canada as Pakistan is home to a large number of sacred places of the Sikh Community.

Elaborating further he said that the unique feature of the Pakistan tourism is embedded in its unique four seasons tourist destination that offers tourists from around the world an opportunity to enjoy their travel and their stay in Pakistan.

He said Pakistan offers it all as far as tourism is concerned from snow-capped mountains in the north region to crystal clear beaches in the South. Besides, Pakistan also boosts various historic sites, flora, fauna, arts, crafts, culture and thus has something to offer everyone who plans to visit the country.

After having successfully fought the menace of terrorism which inflicted major damage to Pakistan and tarnished the country’s image it seems that Pakistan has started to treed the road to recovery and emerge stronger than before. No doubt, it is believed that challenges bring along opportunities with them and it seems that Pakistan is finding itself in the midst of a lot of opportunities.

The game changer China Pakistan Economic Corridor is opening a gateway of opportunities for Pakistan and is also set to bring tourism to Pakistan. Delegations from countries around the world have already started to visit Pakistan to identify investment opportunities and areas of interest.

It seems that the coming time will witness an influx of huge number of people from all around the world to Pakistan and while some of these may come with an intent of business there will also be those who would be here to explore the natural beauty of Pakistan.


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