Pakistan Navy Establishes Special Task Force 88 to Safeguard Gwadar Port and CPEC


It has not been long since an Indian submarine was found in Pakistani waters. However, Pakistan navy responded quickly and chased it away from the Pakistani waters.

Similarly, an Indian drone was also shot down after it entered Pakistan aerial space. It is also pertinent to mention here that a serving Indian army RAW officer kulbhushan yadav was also arrested from Pakistan. Indian Government went on to admit that kulbhushan yadav was indeed their army personnel.

Keeping in view all these threats Pakistan army has taken special steps to safeguard CPEC routes along with Gwadar Port. Aerial monitoring is also being undertaken along with regular patrolling of the CPEC routes.

Keeping in view the need of surveillance Pakistan Navy decided to opt for a proactive role to safeguard Gwadar Port and CPEC and has thus established a special maritime force 88.

The special task force 88 comprises drones, spy planes, latest weapons along with combat aircrafts to counter any threat that may again arise from the enemy side especially India.

Collaboration with Special Security Division

Task force 88 will collaborate with special security division which has been specially established to safeguard CPEC.


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