Pakistan Declared the World’s Most Affordable Country in the Telecom and ICT Services


According to the annual “Global Information Technology Report 2016” published by the World Economic Forum, Pakistan is the world’s best country in terms of monetary affordability for telecom and other ICT services.

Pakistan’s technology and telecom market according to the report has the world’s lowest price points as compared to any other country in the world. It is important to mention here that the report went on to analyze relevant indexes from as many as 139 countries around the world and then pitched these against each other. However, care was taken that factors like financial conditions were taken well into account and were thus rated along with other factors like general environment, usage and impact.

The report makes clear that affordability indicators have been measured in terms of prices that are associated with ICT service usage along with prices that that have the potential to serve as entry barrier for the masses. However, it makes it clear that these are certainly not associated with quality adjusted prices.

As far as other sub indexes are concerned, it seems that Pakistan managed to rank significantly lower than others. Though Pakistan may have made it to the top most in terms of affordability yet it couldn’t make its way to the top in terms of other sub indexes.

This simply means that though Pakistan is showing progress in terms of affordability it still has a long way to go as far as other factors are concerned.


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