Pakistan Cinemas to Screen Turkish and Iranian Movies


As the tension between India and Pakistan escalated to its highest India was quick to put a ban on the Pakistani artists working in India. As a result Pakistan was left with no option but to reciprocate and ban the Indian content airing on its television screen and cinemas. However, Pakistan did not put a ban on the Indian artists working in the Pakistani film industry and no doubt India’s finest actors including Naseer-ud-din Shah and Om Puri continue to work in Pakistani movies.

However, the Indian dramas and movies that were aired on Pakistani channels along with the Indian movies that were screened in Pakistani cinemas were all banned. Since, the Pakistan movie industry which is still in its struggling stage cannot sustain the few cinema houses left in Pakistan Pakistani officials were left with no option but to screen Turkish and Iranian movies in Pakistan.

However, there is another dimension behind allowing the screening of these movies in Pakistan and it is our similar values as being Muslims. The Pakistani media regulating authority PEMRA and the film censor board of Pakistan often faced criticism for airing objectionable content which was not in accordance with Pakistan’s values as being Muslim and conservative country.

Therefore, the screening of these movies seems to be the best move considering the fact that there would be little to no objectionable content as compared to the Indian movies which are replete with vulgar and objectionable content and language.

Turkey and Pakistan of late seem to be growing closer than before and the recent visit by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a testimony to this fact. It is important to not here that Turkish dramas are already on air on Pakistani channels and with the screening of Turkish movies both these countries seem to have taken another step towards forging their relationship.


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