Pakistan, China and Russia: The New Emerging Global Axis


China Pakistan Economic Corridor is rightly termed as game changer. No doubt ever since it has gone on to become a reality countries including the ones who practiced open animosity against Pakistan are warming up to Pakistan. A very bright example of this is Russia. Russia in the past was an open ally of India and did everything in its power to destabilize Pakistan.

However, after India new found friendship with USA Russia found itself forced to look for new allies who could also help boost the country trade. It is no news that Russia went on to find an ally in China as both these countries undoubtedly face a common threat and enemy USA. Aside from economic ties the two countries i.e. China and Russia also went to establish military and economic ties.

Once Russia realized that China Pakistan Economic Corridor could help provide it access to new regions and minimize the otherwise threats it face, it warmed up to Pakistan and even went on to engage in joint military exercises with Pakistan something which was previously unthought-of.

In a very recent development Pakistan has allowed Russia to be a part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. This move comes after Turkmenistan and Iran expressed their eagerness to be a part of the CPEC. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan is also looking forward to buy military equipments from Russia apart from collaborating in a few weapons manufacturing. Apart from it Russia has also signed a few business agreements with Pakistan.

The world has started to notice that Pakistan, China and Russia are the new alliance that is set to challenge the dominance of the existing powers of the world. No doubt it was further fueled by Moscow decision to hold a meeting along with Pakistan and China regarding Afghanistan situation.


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