Pakistan Bids Final Adieu to Junaid Jamshed: 1964-2016


Though it may have been a week the 8 days, 7-15 December, 2016, have seemed more like a century to nation Pakistan. The initial hours which were passed in disbelief as the nation hoped and prayed for a miracle soon threw the nation into a state of shock and disbelief when the nation realized that Junaid Jamshed along with 48 passengers has indeed perished in the plane crash.

Junaid Jamshed was no ordinary being in Pakistan, he was the man who gave Pakistan the song which went onto become the next best anthem right after Pakistan’s national anthem. He was the man who went on to gain more respect and fame after he abandoned his music career for the sake of Allah and went on to become a preacher similar to Yusuf Islam (former Cat Stevens).

Body Identification Process

A typical feature of an air crash is that the bodies have to go through the D.N.A identification process while some are also recognized through dental records and similar other medical records. Therefore, Humayun Jamshed, the younger brother of Juanid Jamshed, went to Islamabad for D.N.A test. The results came out at 13 December and Humayun Jamshed went on to collect his brother’s body at 14 of December.

It is pertinent to mention here that Moulana Tariq Jameel who was instrumental in bringing about a revolution in Junaid Jamshed’s life accompanied Humayun Jamshed when he went to Islamabad to take his brother’s body and remained with him throughout the process.

P.A.F Declares J.J a part of P.A.F Family, gives him Guard of Honor and wraps his Coffin in National Flag

Junaid was the son of a brave P.A.F pilot and dreamt of serving Pakistan air force himself which he unfortunately couldn’t as destiny had something else in store for him. He went on to sing songs for Pakistan air force which went on to become a resonating hit with the masses.

PAF declared Juanid Jamshed to be a part of the PAF family and thus his coffin was wrapped in the national flag and was presented with guard of honor. A funeral prayer was thus arranged for him at Nur Khan Airbase, Chaklala which was attended by the Pakistan Air Force Chief along with several representatives of the navy and army.

Pak Navy Transfers Juanid Jamshed Body to PNS Shifa and gives him Navy Protocol

After the funeral prayers J.J body, on the direction of the air chief was sent to Karachi in C-130 plane. Once the plane landed at PAF Faisal Base Karachi, it was then taken to PNS Shifa. His body was later taken to the the Moin Khan Cricket Academy for funeral prayers in naval protocol.

J.J Wished to be buried at Dar-ul-Uloom Korangi

Junaid Jamshed had earlier expressed his wish that he would like to be buried in Dar-ul-Uloom, Korangi, Karachi. Keeping in view his wish his grave was prepared in Dar-ul-Uloom, Korangi a few days before his body was indentified through the D.N.A. Test.

Ellaborate Security and Traffic Plan

It is worth mentioning here that keeping in view the popularity of Juanid Jamshed and the love, admiration and respect he commanded among the masses an elaborate plan was laid out.

This elaborate security and traffic plan was put in place in order to avoid any unpleasant situation that may arise owing to the presence of a very large number of people.

Funeral Prayers and Funeral Procession

Keeping in view the popularity of Junaid Jamshed his family had arranged his funeral prayers in the Moin Khan Cricket Academy which had the capacity to accommodate a large number of people. Moulana Tariq Jameel delivered a special sermon before the funeral prayers were said.

It turned out that his brother was not wrong and people turned out in large numbers to attend his funeral prayers. The stadium which had the capacity to accommodate a large number of people was filled beyond its capacity and a large number of people had to say his funeral prayers outside the stadium. It is interesting to note that not only people around the country but from around the world came to attend his funeral prayers.


His body, after the funeral prayers were said by Moulana Tariq Jameel, was taken in an ambulance to Dar-ul-Uloom Koragi for burial. Though his funeral procession was very long even then the ambulance carrying his body from the stadium to Dar-ul-Uloom Koragi reached the graveyard within a very short span of time. The graveyard witnessed an even larger number of prayers who had come to bury their beloved brother.

Though Dar-ul-Uloom Koragi is not usually opened to media, it seems that J.J funeral was an exception and the Dar-ul-Uloom Koragi allowed media access to graveyard keeping in view that J.J was the beloved brother of the whole nation and had dedicated his life to Islam.

It was a sight as people from all walks of life came to his funeral and burial. Be it people from showbiz the professional J.J previously belonged to but abandoned, Ulma-e-karam the company J.J later chose for himself, military people the profession his father was from and for whom he sang various anthems, cricketers with whom he would go on Tableegh, social workers and volunteers with whom J.J went on to clean the city picking the broom in his hands and the ordinary people the hearts of whom J.J ruled.


Wreaths from army, air force and navy were laid on his grave signifying that Junaid Jamshed was indeed the son and asset of the nation.

A Look into J.J Legacy

In the end it would be very difficult to express in words the legacy Junaid Jamshed has left behind. He was a preacher, a true patriot, an excellent human being, an ambassador of love, peace, tolerance, unity of Muslims, a very successful businessman, a social worker who would clean the streets of Karachi, a volunteer who would rise up to all good causes and would get involved personally in it.

Though death is the ultimate reality it seems that the void Junaid Jamshed has left behind would take long to be filled. Let us end it here by saying that we have hardly seen a human being as blessed, as successful, as humble, as polite, as loved and respected as Junaid Jamshed.



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