Pakistan among the Top Manufacturers of Denim in Asia


Pakistan holds the honor of being the top manufacturers of denim in Asia besides being the fourth largest producer of cotton in the world.

Take a look around you and denim is all around you. It is not only the youngsters any more who wear denim as their style statement as people of all age are now known to wear denim.

Denim finds more popular usage in the western countries perhaps owing to the weather factor. Moreover, with the passage of time denim, in the western countries, is continuing to evolve into a semi-formal wear. It seems that gone are the days, at least in the west, when denim was considered a strict casual wear. Today, apart from evolving into a semi-casual wear denim is also making its mark as a fabric which is used for making a style statement in the west.

With the passage of time more and more fashion designers around the world are dabbling in denim and experimenting with it to bring out a new look and associate a new image with it. Therefore, it seems that denim is evolving in all aspects i.e. not only in terms of its usage but also how it is experimented with.

The popularity of denim is a never ending one and it seems that though denim wear does not find round the year usage in Pakistan probably owing to the weather, its popularity is continuing to grow in the west. However, a large part of it also attributes to denim being perceived as a strict casual wear in Pakistan even during the brief winter season.

It seems that with its potential denim will further continue to evolve with the passage of time. Similarly, the days when denim wear will no longer be restricted to casual outfits are also not that far off.




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