Our Purpose in Life


He has given every person on earth a purpose. Some of us know what our purpose is in specific terms and some of us do not. Some of us live our whole life bouncing from one purpose to another without ever seeing a clear picture of what HE wants from us in specific ways.

In the jumbled mess our life can become, we sometimes lose sight of our purpose upon the earth. In the complexities of our life, we can confuse our purpose in life with our jobs, our roles, our hobbies, our relationships, and our interests. When we clear out the fog preventing us from seeing our purpose in life, we see our purpose is to love HIM with all our heart, mind, and soul.

In addition, when we clear away the fog, we also see our purpose in life is to love others as ourselves. For most of us, we want a more specific purpose. For most of us, we want a specific task given to us by HIM, as if we are actors on a stage wanting HIM to give us the right lines to say. However, we are not just actors in our life.

In our life, we are also the writers, authors, directors, and producers. We build the set upon which our life is played out. We choose the place where our life is lived. We choose how we will respond when adversity strikes. Buried within the many jobs of your life, is HIS underlying purpose for you every day.

Every day you are to love HIM and love others above all other jobs and above all other purposes. When you love HIM and love others, there is no more fog. When you love HIM and love others, there is no more confusion about where you should go, what you should do, and who you should be. When you love HIM and love others your purpose in life has been fulfilled.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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