Orange: Super Food


Oranges are hailed as super food. Though many of us think that oranges are a rich source of vitamin C not many of us know that there is much more to oranges than its vitamin C content.

Let’s take a look into why oranges are a super food.

1)   Help Lower Blood Pressure

Oranges with their rich flavanone content particularly the herperidin molecule can help lower blood pressure.

2)   Help Lower Cholesterol

The herperidin molecule in oranges also helps lower cholesterol levels in individuals.

3)   Anti-Inflammatory

Oranges also have anti-inflammatory agent in them. Therefore, these can also be consumed to help lower inflammation in body.

4)   Antioxidant

The rich vitamin C content of oranges also acts as a powerful antioxidant agent thus preventing the body from damages associated with free radicals.

5)   Boosts Immune System

Oranges can also help boost immune system and protect you from falling prey to diseases and infections.

6)   Natural Source of Fiber

Orange is also a natural source of fiber. This is why eating oranges are more beneficial than drinking orange juice as the juice is devoid of orange fiber content.

7)   Helps Protect Against Cold and Flu

The rich vitamin C content of oranges also helps prevent cold and flu.

8)   Boosts Cardio Vascular Health

Research suggests that oranges also help boost cardio vascular health and helps protect against cardiac arrhythmias and stroke.

9)   Boosts Brain Health

Research suggests that citrus food consumption can also help boost brain health and can play a vital role in providing protection against Parkinson’s health and Alzheimer’s disease.

10) Helps Lose Weight

Citrus food consumption and its vitamin C content is also associated with weight loss as these can help people lose weight in a natural and healthy manner.

11) Helps Protect Against Rheumatoid Arthritis

Research suggests that orange consumption is also associated with lowering risk of rheumatoid arthritis.


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