Pakistan Economic Corridor:The Emerging Pakistan, China, Russia and Turkish Rectangle


The world hadn’t got over the shock of Russia joining China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the emerging Pakistan, China and Russia super power triangle but it seems more surprises are in store for the existing, emerging along with the ones who once dreamt of becoming world super power.

The world has strongly reacted to Russia’s ambition to become a part of the CPEC and seeking to build a new global power triangle including China, Pakistan and Russia. According to the reports published in media, Chief of the Russian intelligence agency made a rather secret trip to Pakistan and was reported to have backdoor meetings requesting Pakistan to allow Moscow access to Gawadar.

Moreover, Russia also expressed its interest in strengthening military and bilateral defense ties between the two countries. Furthermore, the Russian intelligence chief also paid a visit to Gawadar and expressed interest in investing in various sectors of Pakistan.

Joining CPEC could mean End to Russia and India Friendship

Similar to how Pakistan was an ally of U.S.A Russia was an ally of India. However, as India started growing closer to U.S.A to isolate Pakistan Russia was forced to find new allies. Russia found a friend in China and as China and Pakistan are natural allies with common interests and outlook it was but natural that Russia started growing warm to Pakistan and requested a role in China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Growing close to Pakistan, sharing intelligence with Pakistan along with being a part of CPEC could well mean an end to the India and Russian friendship.

United Kingdom, France and Turkey wish a Role in CPEC too

However, this is not all as United Kingdom, France and Turkey are also quite vocal about being a part of the CPEC. Whoa! It seems that the term game changer was rightly coined for CPEC. Officials from various European countries are in negotiation with Pakistan and China to be a part of the CPEC.

CPEC Significance for United Kingdom

United Kingdom is currently finding itself in a challenging situation after it voted to opt out of European Union and the European Union having giving them a year to complete its exit, United Kingdom is facing the need to find new platforms for investment and development.

It seems that UK is eyeing CPEC after its exit from European Union as the next opportunity and platform.  Therefore, it came as no surprise when U.K Secretary of State for foreign and common wealth affairs Boris Johnson went on to term CPEC a wonderful project and expressed U.K desire to be a part of it. He even went to say the CPEC looks like the revival of the ancient silk route and the rebirth of trading caravans which traditionally connected East with West.

U.K Views Karachi as Asia’s Biggest Trading Entrepot

Elaborating further on his country’s stance Johnson went on to say that Karachi alongside Shanghai and Singapore should be Asia’s biggest trading entrepot.

U.K wants to be With Pakistan

U.K Secretary of State for foreign and common wealth affairs Boris Johnson went as far as to say that Britain wants to be with Pakistan in the journey. He said that the current bilateral trade between the two countries which stands at a mere £2.7 billion is not enough given the closeness of the two countries.

France Interest in CPEC

France it seems does not wish to stay behind when such a huge opportunity is knocking on its door. Therefore, Jean Marc Fenet who holds the portfolio of being head of the embassy of France regional economical development for South Asia and India suggested that France views Pakistan as an enormous and prosperous market for France.

It is pertinent to mention here that he was addressing the business community at ICCI, the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. France also suggested that it can help boost Pakistan’s economy by providing it with advanced technology and expertise.

Germany, Italy and Spain also Likely to Follow

European countries like Germany, Italy and Spain are also likely to follow the emerging trend of joining CPEC.

Turkmenistan Eager to Join CPEC

Turkmenistan which was formally invited by Pakistan to be a part of the CPEC is also keen to join CPEC

The Turkey Addition to CPEC and how it could transform the new emerging Global power Triangle

Turkey too has expressed it desire to be an active part of the CPEC. Though Turkey already enjoys warm relations with Pakistan and with China, Turkey has already embarked on the journey of warming its relation and boosting its economic relations with Russia too.

Therefore, the speculations are rife that the new emerging global power axes which is presently perceived as Pakistan, China and Russia triangle with Turkish involvement may well transform into Pakistan, China, Russia and Turkey Rectangle.

What does this mean for India

Though India tried its best to sabotage CPEC but only failed owing to the proactive role of the Pakistan military and intelligence agencies. A whole network of RAW was uncovered along with arresting of the present Indian army personnel in Pakistan. Very briefly this was followed by shooting down of an Indian drone in Pakistan and an Indian submarine in the Pakistani waters.

Though India was dreaming of emerging as a super power and isolating Pakistan, it seems that the game changer CPEC has turned the tables. With countries around the world wishing to benefit from CPEC and asking Pakistan to provide them with access to Gawadar port it seems that India is facing global isolation.

India’s military ambitions against Pakistan of late have become increasingly clear as Indian forces are firing on Line of Control and killing innocent civilians in Indian occupied Kashmir and Pakistan.

However, it seems that these violations of human rights and international laws are a mere depiction of the frustration that India is witnessing owing to the game  changer CPEC where the whole world is knocking on Pakistan’s door to give them a role in CPEC.


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