Natural Ways to Improve your Sleep


If you are experiencing trouble with sleep then you are certainly not alone as many people report experiencing trouble while sleeping. Considering how important a peaceful night sleep is for you below we will take a look into the top natural ways to improve your sleep.

1)   Chamomile Tea

Drink chamomile tea an hour or two before going to bed. Research suggests that chamomile tea can help people sleep naturally and improves the quality of their sleep as well.

2)   Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is another natural remedy that can help you sleep naturally and peacefully. Consider taking a bath with lavender infused body wash and applying lavender oil to your body before going to bed.

3)   Eat Yogurt

Eating yogurt before going to bed can also help improve your sleep. Consider eating a cup of yogurt and that too at least an hour or two before the bed time.

4)   Eat Bananas

Bananas also help boost sleep. Therefore, consider eating a banana or two when you are experiencing trouble in sleeping.

5)   Stop your Caffeine Intake by 6PM

Do not intake caffeine in any form after 6 pm. Caffeine will help you keep awake and prevent you from sleeping. Therefore, make sure you do not intake caffeine after 6 pm in any form.

6)   Switch off your Gadgets

Electronic Gadgets actually hinder your sleep. Therefore, turn these off to take your brain into sleep mode. Research advises that it is best to turn off your electronic gadgets at least two hours before sleep.

7)   Do not Indulge in Calculations or Planning

Planning and calculations both activate your brain and will thus prevent it from going into the sleep mode. Therefore, avoid both calculations and planning at least an hour or two before your bed time.


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