Natural and Affordable Ways to Restore Dry and Damaged Hair

Before and After Using Continuum

Today, when people think of restoring their dry and damaged hair the first thing which comes to their mind is the expensive parlor treatments and most commonly the protein treatment.

However, let’s face it not every one of us can afford these expensive treatments. However, it does not mean that you have to put up with dray and damaged hair.

Below we will take a look into natural and affordable hair treatments for dry damaged hair that will not only help restore your hair health but will also help impart shine in these.

1)   Combine Egg Yolks with Vitamin E Capsules

Take a few egg yolks depending on the length of your hair and add vitamin E capsules to it. Blend it well and then apply it on your hair. Leave this mixture on your hair for a few hours and then wash it off. Follow with shampoo. The egg yolks are full of protein and will allow your hair to absorb protein thus boosting their health and shine.

2)   Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatment is another effective and affordable hair treatment that can help restore the health of your hair. Take equal quantities of extra virgin olive oil and almond oil in a container `and mix a little castor oil in it. Place the container in hot water for a minute and then remove it. Put your finger in the oil to check if it is not too hot. If it is then wait a little, till it comes down to a tolerable temperature. Once it reaches the desired temperature apply it to your hair.

Wait for an hour and then pour mild hot water to a bucket. Dip a towel in it and squeeze out the water from the towel before placing it on your head in a way that it covers your hair completely. Do it for a minimum of 3-5 times and then wash off your hair.



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