Naltar Valley Pakistan: Pakistan’s Skiing Resort


Pakistan’s natural beauty unfortunately could never be adequately explored. However, at Club Pakistan we deem it our duty to bring the real Pakistan to you.

In accordance with our philosophy, today, we are introducing you to Naltar Valley Pakistan. The Naltar valley is located very close to Hunza, Nomal and Gilgit in the Gilgit Baltistan province of Pakistan.

Do you know what is it that imparts Naltar Valley the charisma it enjoys? Though there are a number of factors below we will briefly take a look into a few of these.

Ski Competitions

Ski competitions are a regular event at Naltar which are held under the supervision of none other than PAF. Skiing amenities and facilities in Naltar are comparable with the ones found in any world class skiing resorts.

Ski Chairlifts

Ski chairlifts are another feature of Naltar valley. The chairlifts have been installed in an attempt to boost the skiing industry of the valley.

Ski-Making Cottage Industry

With special efforts from Pakistan Air Force aimed at making Naltar valley a skiing resort par excellence, ski-making has gone on to attain the status of a ski-making cottage industry in Naltar valley.

Naltar Lake

The Natlar lake is something that no one visiting Naltar should miss. There are three lakes in Naltar lake known as Bashkiri lake or Naltar lake which are located at an altitude of 3050-3150 m. Since the lake is surrounded by dense pine forests the heavy snow during the winter season renders it next to impossible to reach the lake.


Wildlife is another feature of Naltar valley and more than often people visit this valley to enjoy nature and witness the valley’s wildlife.


If you would like to see nature at its best then Naltar valley is just the place you should head to. With snow clad mountains, peaks and hordes of trees the Naltar valley offers you the perfect picturesque view.



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