Multiplying Your Wisdom


He wants your heart and mind full of HIS wisdom.

At any age we need HIS wisdom and at any age we can gain HIS wisdom. At any age or in any circumstance HIS wisdom in us can be updated. At any point in our life, HIS wisdom in us or what we know because we know HIM and love HIM, can be multiplied.

In seeking and gaining new wisdom from HIM, we must remember what we know can be rewritten. Increasing HIS wisdom in our heart and mind is crucial in living out our life for HIM because HIS wisdom is mandatory and lack of HIS wisdom is disastrous.

HIS wisdom is mandatory because HE gives us insight into our life and the way things are in ways we would never possess on our own. We can never run out HIS wisdom nor possess enough of it. HIS wisdom in us and HIS wisdom in our heart know no bounds.

HIS wisdom in our soul gives us unlimited possibilities because HIS wisdom is infinite. In seeking to multiply our wisdom we must affirm no problem is beyond HIS wisdom. We must affirm HIS wisdom has answers for problems for which we have no answer. HE has an answer for the greatest questions of life and death. In HIS wisdom, the questions which seem to have no answer have multiple answers in HIS love and care. HIS greatness makes all things possible and in HIM you can multiply HIS wisdom within you.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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