Multiplying Your Confidence


HE wants you to be a person full of humble confidence.

You can multiply your humble confidence by always doing the right thing. When you always humbly do the right and godly thing you are always 100 per cent sure of what you are doing. You can multiply your humble confidence by only doing what is godly because you know inwardly, deep down, the godly way is the right way without any question or doubt.

In always living a humble godly life there is a surety about most of life and in this surety you always know, you never question, and you never doubt. In some of the human secular areas of life we have doubts, but in the spiritual areas of life, in the areas of life dealing with the love and HIS grace, we need never doubt. We need never doubt HE loves us more than we can express. We need never doubt we are right in putting others before ourselves. We need never doubt when we are humble, kind, caring and forgiving. We can have complete humble confidence in knowing we are right in being a person of HIS love and always knowing forgiveness is best.

In any circumstance we can have total and complete confidence we are always right to pray, to love, to forgive, to create, to bless, to change, to hope, and to be humble. In HIM and in doing HIS will you can multiply your confidence.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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