Moving On in Life


If there is one challenge which all humans face in life it is the necessity to move on! Moving on in life is hardly an option rather a situation which we find ourselves in and a path we are forced to tread in life.

Many situations and circumstances in life give rise to the need of moving on in life it may be the death of a loved one, break-up/divorce, life changing accidents/events, disability, health diagnosis and some other form of loss.

Who says your journey through these times and the grieving process is going to be an easy one? None of us can go on to claim it. However, the intensity and the time frame associated with it can vary for everyone.  Though nothing can ease the pain associated with it there are certain ways that can help you cope with it better.

Below, we will take a brief look into the ways that can help you cope with life change or loss and thus take your first step towards moving on in life.

1)   Don’t Deny your Feelings

While self-pity is a ditch no one is advised to fall into denying your feelings is also not advisable. Denying your feelings at a time when you are dealing with major life changes or loss will only worsen the pain for you. Therefore, let the process and the event to unfold naturally and let no one dictate you to feel better.

2)   Don’t push yourself Hard or Force Things on yourself

Pushing yourself into things or forcing things on yourself is not going to help rather can throw you into stress and bring you under pressure. Therefore, avoid pushing yourself when you feel you are not ready for it.


3)   Distract your Attention

While you cannot heal yourself the only thing you can do is to distract your attention. However, wait for the time when you find yourself ready for it and by no means force it on yourself. Make use of any distraction that suits you and only to the extent that you are not finding yourself forced into it.

4)   Take Advantage of Any Possible Emotional Support

Again! Don’t force yourself into it as there are certain people who feel better off when they are left to themselves. However, in the event emotional support can help you feel better, even temporarily, go for it. Many who have gone through the situation suggest that talking about their grief helped them in their recovery journey.

5)   Avoid Long-Term Thinking

Though planning ahead of time is deemed prudent yet when going through a major change in life it is advised to avoid long term thinking and rather focus on how you can make it through the present situation and move on from it.


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